Increase Your Sales With Our Unique Video Marketing Service


We offer a highly effective and powerful video marketing service called Busy Vids. Our video marketing service is designed to help you get more sales and leads for your business by using the engaging nature of video, combined with the power of Youtube and Google.

We produce highly effective HD quality sales and marketing videos featuring your websites content or a slide show presentation that contains a persuasive sales script, content and images of your products and services. We then open your very own Youtube channel and then market your video for 30 days and rank it in Google for your chosen keyword.

Your videos can get ranked for the search engines with a little tweaking here and there and can even rise to position one for search terms in Google! If this were to happen to one of your videos, you would receive a lot of free traffic visiting your website or a lot of phone calls wanting to purchase your products or services!

We can also Guarantee that you will get 1,000 video views for your video within the first 30 days! So if you want to increase your sales and stand out from your competitors with an engaging and persuasive video, call us today on 01252 838689 or drop us an email at info@theinternetbusinessdoctor.com